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Wednesday, 8 November 2017


With the countdown to Christmas vastly approaching no one does Christmas gifts quite like Charlotte Tilbury I would even go as far to say its happiness in a little crimson box.


Budget Babes
I would recommend this gift idea to the girls and guys who are strapped for cash but still want to give their gal pal, daughter or girlfriend a contribution towards something from charlotte's range that won't break the bank, it's a win-win.

We all have that friend who loves a blinding gold highlight and why should christmas be an exception? 
Any girl would be lucky to find this under the tree with its light reflecting ingredients such as pure gold pearls that illuminate the skin and soft-focus any imperfections.


The filmstar bronze and glow is beautiful I know this because I have it sitting on my vanity at this very moment its a perfect palette with a buildable contour shade & glow-giving highlight to mimic sun-kissed skin all year round what girl doesn't want that?

After Diamonds, Lipsticks truly are a girl's best friend Charlotte released her very own liquid lipsticks this year, I personally think that dangerous liaison is perfect for winter as its a warm rusty- rose shade, so whether you're gifting it to share a kiss with your significant other under the misltletoe or for your bestie whose new years eve outfit would be incomplete without it, this gift practically screams perfect.

For all the guys who are looking to spoil their girlfriends this Christmas, I would strongly recommend the limited edition Instant Eye Palette, from the desk to the disco you'll win some serious boyfriend points but hurry before they are all gone. 

There you have it my Charlotte Tilbury gift guide let me know what you think in the comments 
Love Beth xx

Friday, 13 October 2017


It is currently 2.40 in the Morning and I feel so dispirited this last month due to being made redundant from work and trying to find a new job which has thrown off my sleeping pattern and my entire daily routine for that matter, however, this is my personal atom of the internet and felt like documenting it rather than pretend to be all happy go lucky when that's, not the case.

I have spent weeks debating whether or not to mention this because no one wants to lose their job but this is my blog is also my journal and my thoughts have to go somewhere right? and maybe someone else out there might be in a similar place or struggling with their own problems however big or small they may be.

Maybe tomorrow things won't be as bad as the day before.

Beth x


Thursday, 21 September 2017

Person of interest : Megan Ellaby

I found Megan Ellaby like most people through Instagram she reminds me of a modern Carly Simon with a flair for flares (get it), bold colors and cherry print.

I was lucky enough to attend the British Style Collective back in May at the Liverpool one arena I was sat in the second row right next to the stage and she was sat in front of me Megan was gracious, thought-provoking ,polite and stopped for photos,(not with me I'm too socially awkward and painstakingly shy) it was refreshing to see someone with a big following be so genuine
I enjoyed reading her blog post some things Ill never understand as it made me think of things that didn't make sense or add up that id had never really questioned before for example words that are sound the same but have different meanings such as,


Peace – this is the absence of war, The word also refers more generally to a feeling of contentment, for example, “The woods were very peaceful.”
Piece – spelt this way, the word means a unit or portion of something, such as “a piece of cake”. To “say your piece” means to state your opinion about something, while “giving someone a piece of your mind” means to tell them – usually in anger – exactly what you think of a certain situation.


These stairs are beautiful; feel free to stare.
These two identical-sounding words both derive from Old English words with Germanic origins.
Stare – the verb “to stare” refers to the act of gazing intently at something. As a noun, it refers to the look itself – for example “a long, cold stare”.
Stair – this refers to a single step, or one of a number of steps, used to connect two different levels, with variants including “staircase” (the complete set of steps), “stairway” (the steps and their surrounding walls), “stairwell” (the shaft occupied by the staircase), “downstairs” (the bottom level) and “upstairs” (the upper level).

Photo Credit: Megan Ellaby


My Anxiety Disorder and How I choose to deal with it

 "If it doesn't challenge you it won't change you"

 When I feel anxious or scared sometimes I'm my own worst enemy and I'M the ONE holding myself back from doing things just because it might seem impossible in that moment, whether it's going on a bus somewhere I've never been before and panicking about the person sitting next to me or talking to people thinking that they're judging me based on my appearance, opinions or intellect,
I used to have anxiety attacks where I would replay certain scenarios over and over again working myself into a panic-induced state and it becomes physically and emotionally exhausting even when I would try to act confident my anxiety was slowly decaying my seemingly calm exterior and all I wanted to do was scream.

 Techniques that work for me  
Talking a bath - The world can wait until I've tried to wash away some of the anxiety/stress 
Making a playlist or writing on my blog - It helps to shift my focus into something positive whether I'm writing about a new concealer or listening to Clannad.
Try my best -not great not perfect but my best, I used to think you needed perfection to succeed (It's not possible)
Good nights sleep - I used to walk around my bedroom until 3am with the constant looming fear of what tomorrow would bring which made my brain go into anxiety overload turning off my devices and getting the right amount of rest significantly reduce the amount of anxiety I felt as I would look in the mirror and see that I looked healthier and gave me a big confidence boost 
Social media - there are now millions of platforms where I can talk to people, hear their stories, know what the symptoms are, and how to get help
Laughing - sometimes you have to stare fear in the face and laugh have the faith in yourself to know that you're going to be okay even if you don't feel it

Beth x


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Fortune Cookie Wisdom

We Cannot change the direction of the wind 
but we can adjust our sales 


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner

Dont get me wrong I love benefit products from the packing down to the formula ,but their eyeliner was extremely disappointing and heres why

1. Its not beginner friendly
I bought this eyeliner 2 years ago but I never remembered to blog about it. I found the nib to be too flexible and the slightest movement ruined the whole liner which moves me on to my next point

2. Its very difficult to get off to the point where you probably need industrial sand paper to remove it

3. This product cracked alot on my eye lids and like I said its hard to get off so I had to deal with my eyeliner looking crusty all day

4. I had the eyeliner for 2 months and it dried out

All in all I love benefit as a brand but I felt this product let me down

Love Beth xx

Sunday, 30 July 2017

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