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Sunday, 28 February 2016

Alexander McQueen

Death Of a Legend : 5 years on

5 years ago today was Alexander McQueen's memorial where the likes of Anna Wintour, Naomi Campbell and Sarah Jessica Parker bid a bitter-sweet fair well to one of England's Most iconic fashion designers

sadly McQueen took his Life on February 11th 2010, 3 years after Isabella blow committed suicide his friend and inspiration .

I like many other fell in love with McQueen's Work in 09 when I was studying GCSE fashion and religiously started researching all his previous collections from his very first collection to his last

Deemed as " The Bad boy of fashion " McQueen Certainly Kept up with his end of the bargain with his Spring/Summer 98 "golden shower "collection  featuring a lot of nudity latex sheer fabrics and models walking down the catwalk as rain cascaded down from the machine above.

Not to say that McQueen didn't also delve into slightly less bondage-esque approach with his Spring/ Summer 07 "sarabande" collection which saw a Botanic with a Gothic twist.

"Things rot, I used flowers because they die my mood was darkly romantic at the time "-McQueen

Shortly after his death Sarah Burton became creative director for Alexander McQueen has gone on to design the Duchess of Cambridge wedding dress

I just wanted to dedicate a post to one of the most daring and influential fashion designers whose creativity has captivated,influenced and inspired my style

RIP Alexander McQueen

Give me time and I'll give you a revolution.
                               I find beauty in the grotesque, like most artists
 Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Cheers To That

 I turn 20 in a couple of weeks but it feels like a world away as I'm  the youngest out of my friends I get to savor my last little bit of teen-dom for just a little while longer

My point is don't wish to grow up too fast
 be creative, follow your passions
and live your dreams  

When is your birthday ?
What's your passion ?
Are you living your dream?

Let me know in the comments 
Beth  x


Thursday, 11 February 2016

Things I hate about cinemas: Contains Swearing

Going to the cinema is the first thing you suggest when you and your friends want to kill some time were for a couple of hours you can escape the outside world to become immersed in someone elses whether you sob your heart out at the love story in the newest Nicholas Sparks film of you want to see the latest Steven Spielberg has to offer with his latest sci-fi blockbuster of which there are many ( E.T, Back to the Future, Transformers etc take your pick).

The following cant just happen to me 

  • I am only nineteen but I do remember the good ole days when cinema ticket where roughly £4 and you didn't have to sell one of your precious organs on the black market to buy a ticket
  • don't get me started on the cinema confectionery you only have to fill the pick'n'mix box a quarter of the way and it'll cost you £7 
  • people who walk into the theater 15 minutes into the film deciding that they want to sit on your row so you politely stand up the let them pass but the minute you sit down they then decide  don't like the view and decide to move again 
  • the couple that doesn't come up for air we all get that your Totes loved up and that you entire life is never-ending Disney song and that you cant go five minute without sucking each others faces of like your the kraken sinking large merchant ships with you tentacles wrapped around each others tonsils if you want to partake in underwater activities you could have gone snorkeling nobody needs to here the smacking as your lips make contact for the millionth time
  • The annoying child that constantly kicks the back of your chair and the mother or father that couldn't give two shits about controlling their child even though you have as asked nicely for them to discipline as they see fit as I quite like being able to walk 
 and lastly when you see and new trailer for a remake ,origin story or any new movie for that matter 'That's going to be crap';
with our forever advancing technology and special affect when a director decides to remake or do a prequel to a film but tell it in a different way and either telling it in a darker,grittier or a more theatrical angle how can you base an entire 2 hour movie in three minutes of footage everyone is entitled your opinion but for fuck sake see the film and then decide if you didn't like it

                                      Thanks for reading  


Monday, 1 February 2016


 The Complement Palette
 Nail Varnish - Boosh

I had never tried anything from Illlamasqua before so when I saw that they were having a sale I picked up a couple of bits
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