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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Spare Me ... "The new year new me speech"

Tonight at 00.00 marks the end of another year 
and the start of a new one so rather than write out ridiculously unattainable goals to reach in the new year so here goes...

Start driving lessons 
go on a photography course
make a concious effort with my hair 
buy some really nice (expensive) underwear 
go travelling more
meet new people
 to not dwell on the past 
and finally come up with some good content on my little slice of the internet 

Hope you all have a 
Happy new year 
love Beth 

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Saturday, 26 December 2015

What I got for christmas

 As I've gotten older Christmas is less about whats under the 
 tree and more about who is around it 
I prefer to watch my family open their gifts and see the excitement light up their eyes 

we set a cap on how much we could spend and it made to whole process stress free 
with that being said I'm happy with what I received 

 Charlotte Tilbury lipstick charm 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundatiom


How to combat dry skin

Have you ever spent hours applying your make up only for it to literally crumble in under 2 hours with a "dewy" foundation ,applied a matte lipstick an when you finally take it off you've taken your lips with it or paid a stupid amount of money on a so called "hydrating"? Yeah me too.

Doing my base make up was the worst part of my routine my skin felt like sandpaper September I had finally had enough of dry/damaged skin and wanted to do something about it so I am here to share what Ive been doing to keep my skin hydrated

Less time in the bath/shower
Cut your bath/shower time to under ten minutes any longer and it starts tostrip away the natural oils on the top layer of your skin

create a humid environment
Get out of the shower shut the window and door to the bathroom and turn the temperature up to a humidity you can stand for about five minutes this should unclog your pores and rejuvenate the top layer of skin

This tip is the most obvious way to get rid of dead skin you can either do this using a face wash with micro beads or a muslin cloth and some hot soapy water (avoid perfumed soaps or alcohol based products)

Find a good moisturizer or oil that works for your skin I personally like to do it the minute I get out of the shower to lock the moisture in

Hope you find this helpful 
Beth x

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Dita Von Teese For M.A.C

Dita Von Teese For M.A.C

This may come as a shock but I do not own a single mac product, not for lack of trying but on the occasions when I have decided to venture into the Mac store at my local selfridges it's full of girls trying to purchase the coveted "velvet teddy",getting trampled on boxing day (wasn't my best idea) or I have run out of the appropriate amount of funds to spend on make up 
 ...Any way moving on from that tragic tale of life without owning any M.A.C products I am contemplating on getting the lipstick that viva glam created with Dita Von Teese which launched on December 9th and also coincides with the launch of her new book Your Beauty Mark: The eccentric guide to ultimate glamour
on December 1st

Dita Von Teese is one of the very few people I regard as a good role model with her desire to be different and her amazing vintage style (Check out her Depop) and Exquisite lingerie line  

 A classic blue red that looks great for any occasion

PS. If any one has any other recommendations on what else is good to purchase from MAC let me know I also don't own these images

Monday, 21 December 2015

Ypres & Leuven

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